Fundraising at Clumber Park - Stamp Collection

Stamps at Clumber Park

Conservation work is very expensive; from the mowing of the grass verges, to the propagation of seeds, to the care of the Chapel and visitor facilities and Walled Kitchen Garden. All of these things take time, money and specialist skills to care for. Could you help?

There are many ways to help us raise essential funds to care for this historic landscape and buildings. From purchasing a raffle ticket for £1, picking up a second hand book, leaving a donation or even bringing in your unwanted used stamps. Every penny raised helps us to care for this historic landscape.

How do your stamps help?

There is a lot of interest in used stamps from collectors, and British stamps are particularly popular because of their wide variety. It doesn’t matter whether it is British or overseas stamps, first class, second class or even a penny stamp; every one helps us raise money towards our conservation projects.

Recycling used stamps.

All the stamps we receive will be sorted by the team – they are usually sold in weight and we will separate into worldwide and UK stamps.  

Here’s what we need you to do…

  1. Cut the stamp from the envelope leaving a small (approx 1 cm) around the stamp.

  2. Save up as many as you can

  3. Bring them into the property and leave them with the Information Point Team.

If you fancy being more involved, why not consider joining the team as a fundraising volunteer?