Livestock takes up residency at Clumber Park

Longhorn cattle at Clumber Park

As you walk around Clumber Park, you may notice some of our newest residents – the longhorn cattle and Hebridean sheep.

Both livestock breeds are owned by Thoresby Farm and will be taking up residency and grazing on the land from May – October 2016.

Livestock grazing has played an enormous part in shaping the Clumber Park landscape we enjoy today. The breeds we choose to graze the land are carefully selected; The Longhorns are chosen for their docile nature and varied diet - They don’t just eat grass they will also browse scrub, bracken and brambles  due to their harder palate and tougher tongue. The Hebridean sheep are chosen for their hardy nature and again their varied diet. They can be a bit feisty sometimes but they’re only small so it doesn’t matter as much as it does with a two tonne cow.

Why do we have grazing animals?

Livestock grazing has played an enormous part in shaping the landscape we all enjoy today.  These are some of the many benefits:

  • Grazing can allow a wider variety of plants, fungi, animals and particularly insects to thrive
  • Insects that depend upon livestock grazing provide a food source vital to the survival of birds such as swallows and lapwings
  • Views are brought to life by farm animals moving around a landscape
  • It reminds us that the living countryside is a source of our food and employment
  • Using farm animals to maintain wildlife habitats is more sustainable and cost-effective than the use of machines over the long term
  • Done properly, grazing can help reveal and to protect the archaeological features that show how the land has been managed in times past

Although we wouldn’t encourage visitors to approach the livestock, they don’t mind having their picture taken from a distance – in fact, they are rather photogenic so feel free to snap away with the camera!

If you are unsure what to do if you are approached by any of the livestock during your visit to the park, please read the important tips which will help you enjoy your walk. Take me to the important tips.