Opening the curtains - Clumber Park Revitalised

View of the temple from across the lake

As part of our ongoing improvements to the Pleasure Ground at Clumber Park as part of Clumber Park Revitalised, extensive clearance work will take place on the south bank of Clumber Lake, close to the Greek Temple.

Clumber Park is an important example of a designed landscape and over the years many of its grandest features and views have been lost or hidden.

We hope to restore these as part of Clumber Park Revitalised, an exciting 10 year programme to rejuvenate one of the National Trust’s finest properties..

The Temples on the north and south sides of the lake are a specially designed sightline dating from ducal times, which has become overgrown in recent years. Legend has it that the Duke would sit on the north side, and the Duchess the south.

The Pleasure Grounds at Clumber Park
The Pleasure Grounds at Clumber Park
The Pleasure Grounds at Clumber Park

The Gardeners and Rangers teams will be working intensively together on 4th September to start thinning significant areas of scrub and undergrowth along the south side of the lake in order to open up the historic sightlines, and enhance important wildlife habitats.

Visitors to the Park on the day will be able to see the landscape revealed before their eyes as the teams ‘open the curtains’ on long-hidden layers of the parkland.

As a result of this work the original vistas radiating from the House, across the Lake, to the southside, looking towards the old Duke’s Drive will be brought back much more closely to how they would have looked in Ducal times.

" Come and see the old tree planting patterns, intended vistas and wildflowers rediscovered and conserved across this very special heritage landscape - for all to share, admire and enjoy as part of the inspiring Clumber Park ‘Revitalised’ Project."
- Jack Pitts

It is estimated that work will take up to a month to complete, and will involve large numbers of our staff and volunteers as the task is extremely labour intensive

None of this work would be possible without the support of our visitors and volunteers, who are key to the success of Clumber Park Revitalised.

We will continue to update our visitors on our progress via our social media channels.