Parking and Access Trial

Lime Tree Avenue at Clumber Park

Clumber Park is a special and important place; one of the UK’s prestigious Grade 1 registered parks. We are currently undertaking a 10 year, £9 million investment programme, Clumber Park Revitalised; our focus is on conservation and improving our visitor experience for the thousands of visitors we welcome every year.

The current access and parking arrangements for visitors  are having a detrimental impact on nature conservation and important historic views and vistas. The arrival experience for visitors can often be poor, particularly at busy times, and there can be conflict of use with cars, cyclists and pedestrians all sharing the same roads in busy central areas. 

Wear and tear on grass verges at Clumber Park
Wear and tear on grass verges at Clumber Park
Wear and tear on grass verges at Clumber Park

To resolve this we need to act so that future supporters can enjoy this special place we enjoy today. To do this we need to rethink the way people access the site, how they get around the site and where they park.

Informal parking on grass verges at Clumber Park
A busy Clumber Park on Bank Holiday Weekend
Informal parking on grass verges at Clumber Park

So from Thursday 31 May to Sunday 3 June we will be undertaking a parking and access trial including:

  • a flexible multi-lane system with NT member fast track

  • a new temporary car park

  • allocating the current visitor car parks adjacent to the Stableyard and Walled Kitchen Gardens as accessible car parks for less mobile visitors

  • restricting parking in some grass areas which are showing significant signs of wear and tear

  • providing an electric buggy to help visitors get around                                   

The trial is taking place in an area which is currently being used as our barbeque site. Therefore over this period there will be limited space available for barbecuing.

Please do let us know what you think during the trial so we can get this right for everyone. Email us

Thank you