Wildlife spotting at Clumber Park

Duckling at Clumber Park

Spring has arrived with trees coming into leaf and the woodland floors becoming a sea of bluebells throughout areas in the park.

In a quiet moment you may hear the unmistakeable call of the Cuckoo calling out over the heaths, or the musical song of the Larks flying high above the grasslands.

On a still warm day you may catch a glimpse of the delicate Peacock and vivid yellow Brimstone butterflies feeding on the first flowering plants of the season. With bird song galore the woodlands have become a hive of activity with nesting and feeding happening all around and the tell-tale sound of woodpeckers drumming echoing through the woods.

Down by the waterside the first ducklings and goslings have started to hatch out and venture forth out onto the lake while others are still busy building nests and sitting on eggs. Spring is a time where Clumber Park truly comes alive.

Enjoy the sights of the bluebells on a woodland walk
Bluebells at Clumber Park
Clumber Park provides a perfect home for wildlife all year round
Wildlife at Clumber Park