Led walks at Clumber Park

Walking is good exercise and is a really great way to explore Clumber Park. You can enjoy short walks to full day hikes in this historic ducal park which is part of ancient Sherwood Forest. Download a map, follow the waymarkers, explore independently or join a led walking group.

View of the temple from across the lake

Walks with volunteer rangers

Explore the wildlife and natural beauty of Clumber Park through miles of woodland, heathland and parkland in this scenic walk with the Clumber Park volunteer rangers.

Ladies evening walks through Clumber

Ladies evening walks

Enjoy the great outdoors and natural beauty of Clumber Park with these ladies only evening walks around the stunning surroundings of Clumber Park.

Walking boots

Clumber Park walkabout

Dig out the walking boots and increase your fitness levels with Walkabout Clumber. Make the most of the great outdoors and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy a gentle stroll with Clumber Park pushabout

Clumber Park pushabout

Pushabout walks are perfect anyone walking with a baby or toddler in a pushchair wanting to become more physically active.

A tour of the walled kitchen garden

Guided walks through the walled kitchen garden

Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the walled kitchen garden in this guided tour and embark on a journey through the history of the walled kitchen garden and how it is used today.

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Nordic Walking

Do you fancy a workout that tones the whole body, burns 46% more calories than ordinary walking and is great for neck, shoulder and back problems?