The Robin Hood Way at Clumber Park

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Enjoy grand views of Clumber from several vantage points as you walk round the estate through a mixture of habitats including woodland, parkland and heathland.

Tranquil waterfall at Clumber Park


Map route for Clumber Park The Robin Hood Way walk


Main car park


Starting from the Main car park,follow the signposts towards the cafe and shop. Once into this area, head towards the lake and this is where you pick up the Robin Hood way. On arrival at the lake head east with the lake on your right and continue along this path to the end of the pleasure grounds. Once at the end you will see an inlet with black iron railings round it, this used to be the boat dock where the Dukes of Newcastle kept 2 scale frigates. Reaching this point turn left along the dirt path and you will soon notice a stone arch way in front of you.


After going through the arch way, continue for around 100 meters and on reaching the woodland and the 2 stone pillars turn right, with the grass field on your right hand side. Follow this path as it follows the woodland edge and then it meets the lake edge, continue with the lake on your right, past Heron Point and onto towards the causeway.

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The next section takes you over the causeway, beware of traffic as this short section has vehicles as well. Cross the causeway and head for the car park by the lakeside and continuing along the lakeside path.

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Just before you get to the weir and the footbridge turn left alongside the toilets and head into the car park. Once in the car park walk straight on with the farm buildings on your right. As you walk along the estate village of Hardwick can be seen on your left, this was once the home to many workers of the Clumber estate. This section of the walk is along the roads so be careful of vehicles. Continue along the road with the farm on your right and head downhill towards the Ford. Cross the ford by the footbridge and go up the hill for around 200 metres, you are soon at a bridleway on your left which crosses the field, which you need to cross.

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On crossing the field take the opportunity to look behind you at the view across the park, this is one of the highest points on Clumber. Leave the field by the pedestrian gate and cross over the road and take the red surface path opposite, with a woodland on your left and a grass paddock on your right. You will soon reach another road, cross over this road and continuing through the woodland. You have now left the first section of the Robin Hood Way, we shall rejoin it shortly.


You will soon reach an intersection of paths, turn right at this section, and follow the path as it opens up from woodland. You have now left Clumber and walking back on the Robin Hood way. Continue along this for around 1.5 miles, this track is open with young trees on either side of it. Once you start to enter back into woodland look out for a right turn back into Clumber.


Reaching point no 7 look out for a signpost and one of our information boards turn down the path towards them and follow the path round to the tarmac road, on reaching the road turn right. take a glance to your left on your will notice the greyhound gates which use to lead into the neighbouring estate of Thoresby. After a short distance, walking along the road take the first right past the wooden barrier. After 100 meters take the next left this is called Copper beech Avenue and after a while you will soon start to notice them on your way down towards the lake.


When you reach the end of the avenue of copper beech trees take a look at the bird feeding station and you may be lucky enough to see a Great Spotted woodpecker feeding on them. In front of you will see the ornamental bridge which spans the lake. This was built in 1778 and has 3 arches. Head over the bridge and take in the views from both sides of it, once over the bridge take the left fork in the road and walk straight on towards the barrier in the road and continue along this road.


You soon reach reach Lime Tree Avenue, the avenue is 3.5 miles long and contains 1846 trees. the trees in this section were planted in 1995. On the junction of the road is a small stubby tree, this is an English Purple Oak and one of only 2 on Clumber. When you reach the road turn right, then 1st left at the staggered crossroads, you will walk past a wooden barrier. After a short distance you will reach a cattle grid with a gate on the left, use the gate to enter the paddock. During the summer you will find sheep and cattle grazing this area, and a sign will be on the gate if any are present. Carry along this road to you reach the end of it after about 1mile.

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After exiting the pine woodland, you will reach a wooden barrier, go past this and follow the road up the hill to the left. This is a busy road so take care when walking next to it. After 200 metres you will come across a path to the right with 3 wooden bollards in it, surrounded by Rhododendron. Head down this path walking through Silver birch woodland at first and then in a pine woodland. Eventually you will get to sculpture and an information panel. The sculpture is part of the sustrans cycle route which runs through Clumber. At this part turn right and follow this track for 3/4 mile.


At the end of the track you will come out at the mature section of Lime Tree Avenue, these trees was planted in the 1820's. Head straight across the road and past the admission point and continue along towards the main facilitates. Take care as this can be very busy at times.

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Continuing along this road you will walk past our campsite, and a wooden bus shelter, as you get further into the centre of the park you will find it will open up into grassland. On your left you will see the cricket pitch and Pavilion. You are now reaching the end of the walk, so why not head towards the cafe for well earned cup of tea and a slice of cake.


Main car park

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The Robin Hood Way at Clumber Park


The walk covers varied path surfaces from tarmac surfaces to paths across arable fields. Some gentle ascents are found in several places on this walk and some downhill sections.
The Robin Hood Way at Clumber Park

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The Robin Hood Way at Clumber Park

How to get here

Clumber Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 3BE
By train

Worksop Station 4.5 miles (7km)

By road
4.5 miles (7km) south east of Worksop, 6.5 miles (10.5km) south-west of Retford, 1 mile (1.5km) from A1/A57, 11 miles (18km) from M1 exit 30
By bus

Services from Nottingham and Worksop. Alight at Carburton 2.5 miles (4km)

By bicycle

National Cycle Network Route 6 runs through Clumber between Worksop and Mansfield

The Robin Hood Way at Clumber Park

Facilities and access

  • Car Parking is available at three locations adjacent to the walk at Hardwick Village, Clumber Bridge and at the main facilities where we suggest starting the walk from as you can recharge your batteries with a drink and a slice of cake from the cafe after the walk.