February 2019 at Colby Woodland Garden

Snowdrops on display at Colby

With the days getting longer and the sun’s warmth on my face, it certainly feels like spring is on its way at Colby. The last couple of months have been spent doing the behind-the-scenes work for the 2019 season, with all hands to the pump to get things ready for opening.

Getting set for the new season

The stone floor outside the shop has been re-laid by our volunteers using stone from an old bridge, the ponds have had a clear out to remove some of the silt that inevitably blocks them up, as well as essential maintenance to footpaths and bridleways on the estate. We have also carried out tree safety works, some of which was captured in a dramatic video by one of our fantastic volunteers.

The stone floor was re-laid by our volunteers
The stone floor outside of the shio
The stone floor was re-laid by our volunteers

Signs of spring

In the garden there are signs of spring all around. Rhododendrons and camellias are flowering and the west woods are a carpet of green just waiting for the first bluebells to open in a couple of months. 

Spring bulbs like daffodils and crocus are in full swing and the wood anemones mingle with the snowdrops to create a lovely sight after a wet and windy winter.

The weather is playing its part this week too, with sunshine here to welcome people to Colby. It’s not quite t-shirt weather but it feels like we are almost there!

Camellias are flowering at Colby
Close-up of a camellia
Camellias are flowering at Colby