Spring at Colby Woodland Garden

View from the Walled Garden

Spring is when Colby Woodland Garden truly comes to life as nature wakes up and splashes of floral colour start to decorate the landscape.

What to see in spring

Early in the season, you’ll be welcomed by swathes of snowdrops around the stream and daffodil displays in the meadow. Blankets of bluebells typically follow in late March and April; see them at their finest in the West Wood.

Elsewhere, look out for camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons, which burst into bloom in spring and add a touch of pink to the landscape.

Don't forget to visit the walled garden to see the majestic magonlia tree and our formal flora display. Take some time out and enjoy the tranquility of this special place, with its soothing water feature and many sculptures.

Spot dragonflies and lots of other insects in the wildflower meadow
Dragonfly in Colby's wildflower meadow
Spot dragonflies and lots of other insects in the wildflower meadow

Spring wildlife

It’s a great time for wildlife watching too. In spring, look for our resident birds such as dippers and grey wagtails on the wing and around the water’s edge. If you sit really quietly by the stream you might just see a water shrew dart out from its burrow in the bank to forage for insects.

Take a moment to watch the underwater world in our ponds too; newts, frogs and toads all spawn here, while ferocious dragonfly nymphs, water scorpions and diving beetles prowl the ponds catching smaller insects.