Behind-the-scenes at Colby Woodland Garden

Gardener Geraint Hughes

Go behind-the-scenes at Colby Woodland Garden and learn more about what it takes to keep our gardens special for everyone to enjoy.

Here, gardeners Geraint Hughes and Christine Bevan share a monthly insight into the work taking place in the gardens and the seasonal sights and scents.

Latest updates

18 Mar 19

Spring in the walled garden

With spring here, discover which plants are starting off our season and what the team have been working on in the walled garden.


A view of the cherry plum

18 Feb 19

Getting set for the 2019 season

With the days getting longer and the sun making an appearance, it certainly feels like spring is on its way at Colby.

The last couple of months have been spent doing the behind-the-scenes work for the 2019 season, with all hands to the pump to get things ready for opening.


Close-up of a camellia

31 Oct 18

Extremes of weather

From summer to autumn, what a busy year it's been so far! Find out what the extreme hot and cold weather means for our garden and how working holidays are making a big difference.


Little Craig Y Borion, Pembrokeshire