Acorn to Oak - Exhibition at Croome

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott, Artist Jilly Oxlade-Arnott Artist
Croome Jilly Oxlade Arnott hand detail

The Acorn to Oak exhibition is a collection of over forty works by Worcester based artist, Jilly Oxlade-Arnott, celebrating 125 years of the National Trust. It includes a brand new collection, especially created for the exhibition, depicting some of the National Trust’s most popular and inspiring buildings; alongside other new paintings and a selection of bold pop-art inspired works.

This exhibition, commissioned by the National Trust, is a celebration of magnificent buildings and architectural heritage which are still in existence due to the continued conservation work of the National Trust.

Detailed work by Jilly
Croome Jilly Oxlade Arnott at work
Detailed work by Jilly
" The initial twelve works of the collection include some iconic properties, all of which have fascinating back stories."
- Jilly Oxlade-Arnott
Jilly Oxlade-Arnott at work
Croome Jilly Oxlade Arnott painting
Jilly Oxlade-Arnott at work

Win a painting

Would you like to win a private commission of a building of your choice? 

Just complete a ‘Competition Entry Form’ and post it in the grey box in the Library.  The winner of a beautiful A3 signed original artwork will be drawn at the end of the exhibition - good luck!.

Artworks to purchase

Many of Jilly’s paintings are also available to purchase through a sealed bidding system by completing an auction form.

This new exhibition is on show in the court from  Saturday, 11 January 2020 until January 2021