Conservation in action at Croome

A selection of brushes for conservation work

Every year thousands of visitors enjoy visiting the house and gardens at Croome and to maintain the property lots of conservation work is continually taking place.

In previous years the National Trust has carried out much of its conservation work behind closed doors. However, we discovered that our visitors like to watch the conservation as it happens.  

What is ‘conservation in action’?

Croome aims to show, share and involve our visitors in our conservation work, indoors and out whenever possible – we call this ‘conservation in action’.

Completing condition reports for our returning collection
Conservator completing paperwork for the collection

In the house

Conservation in action in the house and can be anything from the very small to the very large.  Our team work throughout the year completing the day to day operations, dusting, light control and caring for the house, alongside the larger yearly tasks such as polishing and high level cleaning.

On some days of the year you might be able to witness larger conservation work happening including high level roof work and remedial restoration work to the property.  Feel free to chat to any of the staff and volunteers you see and they will explain what they are doing.

Tools of the trade for conservation
A selection of brushes for conservation work

In the parkland

With acres of parkland to look after, the garden and park team are constantly kept busy.

Creating habitat for the elusive nightingale, hedgelaying, coppicing, planting trees are just a few of their many tasks.

Currently a hardy team of stonewalling volunteers are rebuilding a length of wall near the historic entrance to Croome Court.  

The team are stonewalling most Fridays between 10am to 12pm so why not pop along for a chat and learn more about this ancient method of constructing walls.

Come and chat to the stonewalling volunteers
The stonewalling volunteers stood by a section of wall