Croome autumn wildlife

Croome geese and rotunda

Autumn is a hive of activity with some birds migrating for the winter and Croome welcoming new arrivals from colder climates.

Our bird hide is a great place to watch birds feeding in autumn.  Nuthatches, blue tits, great tits and coal tits enjoy feasting on the feeders with the occasional visit by green and greater spotted woodpeckers.

Nuthatch feeding at Croome bird hide
Nuthatch feeding at Croome

Out in the parkland many birds of prey such as kestrels, buzzards and the occasional kite can often be seen soaring aloft ready to swoop on their unsuspecting prey.  Flocks of fieldfare will also be seen feeding on Church Hill and in the outer parkland.

Kestrel hunting in the south park
Kestrel hunting

If you are near water, keep an eye out for our migrant hawker dragonflies that appear from August to October.

Female migrant hakwer that appears in autumn
migrant hawker dragonfly

Squirrels collect nuts and seeds and bury them in many scattered hiding places or “caches” around the wooded areas of the parkland. They have a highly-developed spatial memory and acute sense of smell, which help them find their stash months later.

Ladybird in autumn
Croome autumn ladybird

Starlings are generally a highly social family bird, a flock of starlings is called a murmuration and can often be seen wheeling around Croome.

Starlings in autumn
Starlings in autumn

Flocks of geese and house martins prepare for their southerly migration to warmer climes.

House martins and swallows at Croome
House martins and swallows at Croome