Croome Court first floor

Croome stairs to the first flloor

Explore the first floor of the house and hear it's story from the volunteers.

First Floor - Stairway hidden door

The ‘hidden’ doorway connects the main house to the red wing.  The door was created by the 6th Earl of Coventry, in the late 18th century, during his later life when he became less mobile.  It enabled him to retreat to his lavish private quarters, especially during times when the house was full of visitors.    The ‘jib’ door was decorated so that it blended into its surroundings.  The door was also used during the time the house was occupied by the Hare Krishnas and nuns/pupils of the Boys School.  At some point, prior to the property being taken over by National Trust, the door was painted over and sealing it shut.

Can you spot the concealed door leading to the Red Wing
The concealed door leading to the Red Wing
Can you spot the concealed door leading to the Red Wing

First Floor - East

The suite of rooms on the east side of the first floor includes a bedroom thought to have been used by the 6th Earl's first wife Maria Gunning.

Chinese bedroom

Once decorated in 'chinoiserie' style, fashionable in the 18th century, this was the principal bedroom of the 6th Earl's first wife.

Chinese bedroom wallpaper
Croome Chinese bedroom wallpaper
Chinese bedroom wallpaper

The Boudoir

The room next to the Chinese Bedroom, in the south-east corner of the first floor, was originally a dressing room used by Maria Gunning.  It housed a spectacular George II overmantel mirror, made by William Linnell which was at Croome until 1948 until it was sold for £58.

First Floor - West

This series of rooms had included the 6th Earl's main bedroom but subsequent history has left its mark.

Alcove Room

This room, which matches another on the north side of the house, was possibily the 6th Earl's bedroom before he was married.  The panelling predates Brown's remodelling of the house, so it may be original to the room or have been brought in from somewhere else.

Master Bedroom

This is where the 6th Earl slept while he lived at Croome Court.  It's decor, however, comes from an altogether different period.  It was chosen by one of the property developers who owned Croome in the 1990's.

1990's bath
1990 bath
1990's bath