Croome natural play

children in the wild play area

Splashing through puddles, crashing along muddy trails and peering through the branches of a woodland den - there’s nothing quite like playing outdoors.

Try our wild play area; we have recently installed new ‘Swinging Steps’, ‘Rope Walk’ a ‘Wobble Board’ and ‘Log Walk’ to give families even more fun in the wild play area tucked away near Croome’s Visitor Centre.  It’s the perfect spot for families to reconnect with the natural world.  Piles of branches to make dens, places to hide and seek, logs to scramble over, balance boards to negotiate and nature to spot are just a few fun things for children to do.

Having fun in the natural play area
Children in the natural play area

Try creating some wild art; what can you find to make a picture from? Try sticks, stones and leaves or perhaps some feathers and seed pods.  Try and find materials that vary in colour and texture so you can have lots of choice. You could make a face with sticks.

Make a face with sticks
Croome make a face with sticks

Make a trail with sticks; you will need lots of straight sticks to lay on the ground in the shape of arrows so they’re really clear for your family or friends to follow.  You can make your trail really good fun by going over logs and around trees.

Go bird watching;  in the Church Shrubbery at Croome there is a bird hide where you can spot lots of different bird types..  Birds get frightened off very easily so stay quiet so they don’t fly off before you can identify them.  Why not make a list of all the birds you spot so you can compare with others.

Birdwatching at Croome
People in the bird hide

Climb inside a tree;  some trees have hollows so big you can climb right inside.  In the Evergreen Shrubbery at Croome near the statue of Pan there is a very old tree with a large hole in it, see if you can fit in it and get someone to take your photo.

Can you fit in a tree hollow?
Climb in a tree