Croome's Soul to Sole exhibition

Maria Gunning by Karla Thomas

Step into the basement of Croome Court and discover characters from Croome’s long history encapsulated within a pair of shoes.

With its centuries of history, Croome resonates with the souls of all those who have trodden its well-worn floors.

Today, you will encounter a series of intricate installations that represent some of Croome’s lesser known characters, from the 15th century to the 1980’s, alongside the favourites, all of whom have contributed to Croome’s rich history.

Creative practitioners from various disciplines employed their active imaginations to create a multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory installation, telling Croome’s fascinating stories through the transformation and reinterpretation of pairs of shoes, and the 1950s shoe rack in which they are presented.

Hare Krishna inspired shoes for Soul to Sole exhibition
Croome Soul to Sole Hare Krishna

Soul to Sole was conceived as a way to draw together the varied stories of multiple protagonists in one place, through a deceptively simple item with which we are all familiar and which contains many a hidden tale: a pair of shoes.

It would be impossible to enumerate every person who has walked through Croome Court, but this installation gives us pause to consider the sheer breadth of experience of the multitude of souls who have lived in, worked at and visited this unusual place.

Soul to Sole is just one of the many projects presented within the Trust New Arts programme at Croome Court as part of the Croome Redefined project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Between 2014-2017, this project seeks to work with emerging, talented artists, designers and craftspeople, to develop creative responses, activities and presentations to provide an engaging, informative and emotive experience for visitors to Croome.

Michael McDonald by Susan Trussler
Michael McDonald by Susan Trussler