Croome's new Archive Room

Visit our new archive room which showcases Croome’s extensive historic records in imaginative and surprising ways.

Two shortlisted designs were on display during the summer (2016) at Croome, with visitors being encouraged to share their thoughts to help choose the final winner.

A visitor posts her choice
Croome archive design posting choice
A visitor posts her choice

Both proposals that we received were strong, which made it incredibly difficult to choose a winner. Winning the competition by a 2% margin was 'I Am Archive' created by Elena Thatcher, Ruth Hall and Max Jones a mix of theatre designers and architects.

The winners with their design
Croome archive room design winners
The winners with their design

This is the first time these individuals will have worked together on a project of this scale which embodies what we are aiming to do here at Croome. Like the 6th Earl of Coventry, during the 18th century, Croome is providing a platform for this fledgling practice to launch from.

One of the design plans
Croome archive design plan
One of the design plans

Archives are often considered the domain of the historian, researcher, with overtones of reading rooms, online catalogues and stores tucked well away from public view. Not everyone wants to be a researcher, but there is a growing appreciation of how important archival material is.

I Am Archive 3D overview
I Am Archive plan
I Am Archive 3D overview

The new archive room project is not about recreating the Croome archive or even providing access to all of it, as the archive is carefully looked after at The Hive in Worcester.

Instead, Croome seeks to create an imaginative and stimulating experience for visitors to explore what archives are all about, why Croome’s archive is so important and to help visitors reflect on their own archive in life.

" We all create our own archive and a trail in life..."

We have been busy going through Croome's archive at the Hive gathering resources. This is quite a complicated process so we are taking a modular process and will be experimenting with different ways to engage with our visitors. 

Visitors have also been encouraged to get involved suggesting stories that they would like to be told when ‘I Am Archive’ is installed.

Make your choice about our archive room design
Croome archive room choices
Make your choice about our archive room design


01 Jul 17

Construction under way

Construction is well under way for the main element of the I Am Archive exhibit.

I AM Archive under construction in a workshop

24 Aug 17

Setworks finalising the build

Members of the Setworks team are in today finalising the build of the I AM Archive shelving and the archive boxes are being installed in preparation for the opening on 18 September.

Setworks staff installing the archive shelving

05 Sep 17

Putting the finishing touches

Volunteer Peter Young adds the finishing touches to the new I Am Archive exhibit.

peter young putting thr final touches to I am archive