Dogs of Croome

Your pooch is very welcome at Croome. Dog friendly maps, downloadable walks, water bowls, waste bags/bins and tether points make your walk with your dog more enjoyable.

Your dog can go anywhere on a lead around the park and lakeside. 

Pick up a map at our Visitor Centre which shows places they can go off the lead or click on link below. Just remember to check for livestock in the fields.

Croome Dog Walking Map May 2016 (PDF / 0.818359375MB) download

With acres of parkland to be explored why not try our dog friendly trail too.

Downloadable dog friendly trail

There are tether hooks with water bowls outside our restaurant, shop and house as unfortunately dogs can't go inside. Assistance dogs are however welcome throughout Croome.

All dogs are welcome at Croome
dog on lead in grass with blue bells near Island Pavilion

There are ten waste bins around the park and complimentary waste bags available at Visitor Reception. 

Please don't leave your dog in your car - let him enjoy Croome with you.

Enjoyed your day?  We love seeing your pooch enjoying the wide open spaces of Croome - why not post a picture on Twitter hash tag #dogsofcroome.

Pick up a map to find great places to walk on an off the lead
Dog being walked by couple on the lead in the parkland
" I love being taken for walkies at Croome! There's so many new places to sniff and explore each time I visit."
- Molly the Shih Tzu
Walking the dog at Croome
Family walking their dog in the parkland