Dogs at Croome

Your pooch is very welcome at Croome. Dog friendly maps, downloadable walks, water bowls, waste bags/bins and tether points make your walk with your dog more enjoyable.

Your dog can go anywhere on a lead around the park and lakeside, with acres of parkland to be explored why not try our dog friendly trail too.

Dog walking policy

Following recent consultation we have reviewed our dog policy at Croome in light of a number of incidents caused by poorly-controlled dogs.

We love welcoming dogs and want this to continue.  We need to ensure that everyone, dog lover or not, can enjoy a wonderful day at Croome.

By following the new dog walking policy and code of conduct, you are helping us to achieve this and look after the gardens, parkland and wildlife.

Acres of room to walk your dog at Croome
Dog being walked by couple on the lead in the parkland
Acres of room to walk your dog at Croome

Code of conduct

Please help us to ensure that everyone at Croome, with or without a dog, can have a great day by following our code of conduct:

  • Respect other visitors. Not everyone likes dogs. We also welcome many anxious dogs and assistance dogs.
  • Respect wildlife and livestock. Croome is home to many different species of birds and animals who don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Please don’t let your dog swim in the lake and the river for their health and so as not to disturb wildlife.
  • Please clean up after your dog.Dog waste bins are marked on the map. Spare bags are available at visitor reception if you’ve forgotten them.
  • Don’t leave your dog in the car, if a dog is left in a car and appears distressed we will inform the relevant authorities.

Your dog is welcome across all areas of Croome, except the Court, the RAF museum, shop and the RAF canteen.  Assistance dogs are welcome in all of these areas.

Where can I go at Croome?
dog with map
Where can I go at Croome?

What is the dog walking policy at Croome?

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times unless you are on a public footpath, where they must be under effective control. 

Horse Close is our designated ‘dog off lead’ area where dogs can be off the lead, under effective control.

Download our dog walking map which shows all the areas you can walk your dog.

Dog walking at Croome (PDF / 0.2MB) download

What do we mean by effective control?

Dog owners should always ensure their dogs do not disturb wildlife, livestock or people.  This may mean keeping your dog on the lead or in sight at all times when you are confident it will return to you on command, ensuring it does not stray off the footpath or designated area.

Enjoyed your day?  We love seeing your pooch enjoying the wide open spaces of Croome - why not post a picture on Twitter hash tag #dogsofcroome.

" I love being taken for walkies at Croome! There's so many new places to sniff and explore each time I visit."
- Molly the Shih Tzu
Walking the dog at Croome
Family walking their dog in the parkland
Walking the dog at Croome