Park Seat

Sheep grazing in the fields with Park Seat in the distance

The Park Seat was designed by Robert Adam in 1766 and has been known locally as The Owl's Nest, as it used to be a home to a barn owl.

The Grade II listed building, which overlooks the parkland and has fantastic views to the court along the river, was restored in 2007. 

The roof was re-tiled, gates re-made and the interior re-plastered and lime washed.

There is a bench inside, so it's a perfect for a stop on your walk.

Adams design for the Alcove or Park Seat dates from 1766 although it was not built until 1770 to 1772.  The orginal design had an apse on the back wall together with a frieze, string course and fluted detail on the columns, these were omitted from the final execution in all probabilty due to cost. 

Lord Coventry was charged six guineas for the original plan and he paid and extra 3 guineas for the simpler plan.