Repairing our bridges at Croome

Jeremy our carpenter repairing the boards on the bridge

Vital bridge repairs have been undertaken to two listed bridges, with a staggering 2,000 bolts and 150 metres of timber to be replaced the project took several weeks.

The Grade 2 listed bridges were built in the 1790s and are early examples of wrought iron bridges.  They were constructed to replace wooden bridges which had been put in during the 1750s when the lake was dug out by hand as part of ‘Capability’ Brown’s grand design for the landscape.

Over time, much of the timber decking has rotted and as part of the properties on-going restoration, essential repair works were undertaken to restore them to their former glory.

Bridges to the Island Pavilion
bridges to the Island Pavilion
Bridges to the Island Pavilion

Local  carpenter, Jeremy Moore, was commissioned to undertake the repair works.  Almost half of the bridges 300 metres of timber needed replacing.  Every piece of timber is machined and cut to slot into place as nothing is uniform when it comes to historic restoration - every piece is unique.  There are also a staggering 2000 bolts securing the boarding to the structure all of which needs to be removed and cleaned before being able to reuse them.

"Over the years I've had the pleasure of working on many restoration projects for the National Trust, sympathetically restoring and recreating elements to properties and their gardens,” said Jeremy Moore of Jeremy Moore Carpentry and Joinery. “Traditional techniques are used and, where possible, materials are reused or sourced from managed resources to preserve our heritage for generations to enjoy. Each project I undertake requires different skills and meticulous planning making each day different and thoroughly rewarding."