Surf, Sweat and Tears: The Life of Ted Deerhurst Exhibition

Ted Deerhurst in action on his surfboard

New exhibition about one of the members of the historic family – the UK’s first professional surfer, Ted Deerhurst will be on show later this year.

In the early 1970s, Ted Deerhurst, the only son of the 11th Earl of Coventry of Croome, seemed to have everything in his grasp: the prospect of an earldom and living a country life in Worcestershire. 

Ted rejected this traditional aristocratic life, however, and decided to pursue his dream of surfing. It was his greatest passion and he spent years on the amateur circuit before becoming the UK’s first professional surfer.

Ted Deerhurst on his surfboard
Ted Deerhurst on his surfboard
Ted Deerhurst on his surfboard

Ted graced the biggest waves around the world, making a name for himself not just in competitions but also in surfboard design and through his charitable work. Ted eventually settled in Hawaii, but met a tragic end at only 40 years old in 1997. 

In partnership with the Croome Heritage Trust and Ted’s friends and family, this new exhibition will explore his epic life, the struggles that he encountered and his incredible achievements through personal objects, surfing memorabilia from around the world and stories from those who knew and loved him.

" This exhibition is an honour to work on and we’re so pleased to be finally telling Ted’s story. We are working with so many of his family and friends to be able to share his life so the wider public can begin to understand this fascinating man we lost far too soon. Some unique objects will be part of the exhibition at Croome Court, including surfboards that Ted designed, made or used across the world which are on loan from family, friends and fans of this legendary surfer."
- Amy Forster-Smith, Visitor Experience Manager

The exhibition is due to open June 2022.