The Gardener's Bothy at Croome

A great selection of plants and garden ornaments are available at the Gardener's Bothy shop.

Take home a memory of your day at Croome with something for your garden, our Gardener's Bothy plant centre sells an impressive range of seasonal plants and shrubs.

Such a selection !
visitor looking at plants in the bothy

We also sell a range of garden ornaments and sculptures to help give your garden that special 'wow factor'.

A fine selection of garden ornaments
shelves of ornaments for sale in the Gardners Bothy


Use of peat irreversibly damages one of the UK's most vulnerable habitats - peat bogs. We are proud to say that all the plants we grow and sell are propagated and grown in peat-free compost.

The National Trust is a peat free gardening organisation. The approach covers soil conditioning, propagation and the growing of plants and plants bought in from nurseries for planting in gardens and those for sale via our plant sales.

Peat is industrially extracted from peat bogs (mostly lowland, for horticulture, but also upland), causing irreversible damage to one of the UK’s most vulnerable nature conservation habitats and historic environments. Healthy peat bogs are crucial as carbon ‘sinks’ and ‘stores’ – locking away atmospheric carbon into peat that can survive for thousands of years. Damaged peatlands emit hugely more carbon than they sink, making our precious peat resources a priority in the management of climate change.  

The National Trust has therefore phased out the use of peat at its properties, and encourages amateur gardeners to use alternatives to peat.

Which plants would you like to take home?
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Whenever you buy from the plant and garden centre you are helping to preserve this special place for future generations.  

Something to hang in your garden?
hanging garden ornaments