Top '50 things to do before you're 11¾' this season at Croome

Get your kids closer to nature with ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’. There’s plenty of outdoor activities to do all year round, from watching the sunset to creating some wild art. Here are our top five ‘50 things’ to do during each of the seasons. How many of them will you do?


No. 2 Roll down a really big hill

What you will need; a grassy hill (we have one in front of the church) and a clear run with nothing to bump into.  Rolling down a hill can make you dizzy so don't do it too often.

No. 9 Eat a picnic in the wild

There are loads of places to eat a picnic at Croome, where is your favourite?

No. 24 Go barefoot       

You’ll never want to put your shoes back on when you feel the tickly grass between your toes.  Make sure you have a towel to clean your feet before you put your shoes back on and watch out for anything sharp in the grass.

No. 31 Make friends with a bug

You will need a bucket or a tub, a net to scoop them out of the water, a grown up to supervise you, a stick to dig in the earth.  What can you find around Croome?  Draw a picture of what you find.

Make friends with a bug
Young boy looking into a magnifying glass
Make friends with a bug


No. 10 Play conkers

You will need a conker, some string, a worthy opponent and a grown-up to help you get the string through the conker.  There are lots of places to collect conkers at Croome.

No. 30 Go on a scavenger hunt

Make a list of five things you might find. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to scavenge things already fallen, do not pick anything that is still growing. You could also collect different colours or textures by taking photographs or rubbings.

No. 33 Go cloud watching

One of the best things about Croome’s landscape is the big sky meaning lots of cloud spotting opportunities. You might identify the different types of clouds or you might see different shapes in them.


No. 12 Have fun with sticks

How many uses can you think of for the humble stick? Use sticks as arrows and mark a path through the woods. They could become a fishing rod or a magical wand. Use twine to tie fallen leaves to a create a journey stick. 

No. 15 Go on a wintry adventure

It might be really cold but Croome is really beautiful when it’s frosty and you can see your breath. Wrap up in layers to keep you warm and keep dry in waterproof clothes. Look for paw prints in the snow. Make snowballs or a snowman. Church Hill is great spot for sledging.

No. 28 Climb a huge hill

Croome has several hills, one in front of the church, one down from the Rotunda, one by the Park Seat.  See how quickly you can get up the hill.

No. 49 Watch the sunset

Watch the sun dip behind the Malvern hills from Church hill and watch the sky change colour. Notice the shadows cast across the park and notice the how the windows of the court glow as the sunlight hit them


No. 1 Get to know a tree

There are so many different trees at Croome. Spring is a great time to take a closer look at trees and notice how they transform through the year. We’ve got old trees and new. Trees you can sit in and trees you can hide in. Which tree will be your favourite?

No. 6 Go welly wandering

Getting wet in the rain is fun if you know you can get dry again afterwards. You will need; a rainy day, some welly boots, a raincoat and a towel or change of clothes.

No. 11 Explore on wheels

There are lots of cycle routes ready for you to explore, we have a local cycle route map that you can pick up from the outdoors hub. Don't forget your helmet. 

No. 31 Make friends with a bug

You will need a bucket or a tub, a net to scoop them out of the water, a grown up to supervise you, a stick to dig in the earth. What can you find around Croome? Draw a picture of what you find.

No. 45 Find your way with a map

Pick up an orienteering map from the outdoors hub and walk the trail at Croome, or go exploring in the wild, learning new skills as you go.

General advice for parents

Children matter to the National Trust, so we recommend that all of our activities are supervised by an adult. We trust that you will make your own judgement about what is safe and suitable for the age and ability of your child.

For messy activities, activities with animals or natural water sources:

Make sure any cuts or wounds are covered with waterproof plasters to avoid infection

Discourage your child from putting anything in his or her mouth

Wash your child's hands thoroughly afterwards

If you're doing activities outside:

Make sure your child wears warm, weather resistant clothing during any activities involving water or snow

Make sure your child wears suitable footwear for any activities that may involve slippery or uneven surfaces

Check weather reports before any activity and avoid trees or natural water sources in wet or windy conditions

Supervise children at all times during these activities

You can also find the full list at

50 things to do before you’re 11¾
fifty things to do before you're 11 3/4 chart
50 things to do before you’re 11¾