Our conservation and restoration work in the Court at Croome

Discover more about the work involved in caring for this splendid mansion house.

 Douglas Carpenter working on the frieze

Conservation in the Long Gallery at Croome

As part of the ongoing conservation work at Croome the frieze in the Long Gallery is being repaired, read mmore about it.

mechanical diggers excavating the south park

Ground source heating at Croome

Read about our new ground source heating system.

Croome Red Wing roof before restoration

The Red Wing at Croome

Read about what we have done to protect and repair the Red Wing at Croome.

Croome shoe in situ

Croome under the floorboards

What did we find during our two year re-servicing of the Court?

The House Manager investigates the ceiling in the basement of Croome Court

Our work at Croome

Find out how we're working on bringing Croome back from the brink by restoring the faded glory of this house in front of you.