Recipes from the Croome kitchen

Here is a selection of recipes particular to Croome, some are made to wartime inspired recipes.

Croome vegetable curry one pot

Vegetable curry one pot

Try our warming and tasty vegetable curry one pot at home.

Cooking venison stew

Venison stew

Try this recipe at home for some hearty winter food.

mexican style pork one pot

Mexican style pork

Try our Mexican style pork one pot in the conmofrt of your own kitchen.

Croome 1940s Christmas party

Ministry of Food Christmas cake

A recommended recipe from the Ministry of Food both in 1947 and again in 1948 - the ingredients make a very acceptable fruit cake.

courgette lemon and thyme sponge

Courgette, Lemon and Thyme sponge

Fancy making our yummy Courgette, lemon and thyme sponge in your own kitchen?

Carrots picked from the garden for a wartime recipe

Wartime carrot cake

Why not try out wartime carrot cake recipe - a perfect treat to accompany a warming cuppa?

'Capability' Brownie on plate

Croome's Capability Brownie

Celebrate this years 300th birthday anniversary of 'Capability' Brown with a recipe to make a deliciously squidgy brownie at home.