Adam Speaks artist - Chris Alton


Chris Alton - Artist

We have chosen our artist for the Adam Speaks project, he is Chris Alton. Chris is really looking forward to working with Hew Locke.

photo of artist Chris Alton
" Being mentored by Hew Locke is an exciting prospect."
- Chris Alton

Chris Alton, from Croydon, is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practice brings together distant, yet connected cultural phenomena. Whether deploying disco music against fascism or playing table tennis in competition with aggressive architecture, he utilises seemingly incongruous juxtapositions to address the multi-layered nature of prevailing social and political conditions.

Working across a range of media, such as; pseudo-documentary flm, live events, online interventions and open source games, Alton's practice shifts and adapts, reacting to context-specifc stimuli. His projects are humorous and playful, frequently seeking to interrogate the power structures that shape our world.

" The work of Robert Adam offers a contextually rich cultural-vein, ripe for excavation. As an early pioneer of the Neoclassical style, Adam has been a highly influential figure in the shaping of notions of Britishness, via his work as an architect and designer. Throughout my practice, I have sought to ask the question, 'how do our spaces and symbols shape who we are and what is possible?' This question is particularly pertinent, in relation to Adam and Neoclassicism, as they are woven into the very fabric of contemporary visual culture."
- Chris Alton

Adam Speaks

Now Chris' work is finshed and installed in the park here in his own words is how he came up for the idea of a 'Treehouse'.

“After finishing the workshops, I collected together all the material we'd produced; either in the form of drawings, collages, writing or photographic documentation.  I then started sticking images and notes up on my studio walls, making links where I could, as well as going off on research-tangents.  As I sifted through the stacks of paper and files of photos, I began to notice certain commonalities and patterns.  There was a definite sense of play and malleability with regard to Adam; his work had been made tangible and accessible throughout the workshops. 

One particular trend was an abundance of plant-life, which had made its way into various drawings, collages and models.  There was an entire swathe of improbable and impossible structures, which incorporated trees in some capacity.  They looked somewhat like treehouses - in the broadest sense of the word.  I suppose this was my 'light bulb' moment.  I began to make digital collages and watercolours of my own, riffing on the designs made by participants.  These eventually developed into the treehouse that now stands in the parklands of Croome Court.

Leading the workshops with the participant groups has been an incredible experience, I've been astounded by the creativity, generosity and curiosity exhibited by the participants.  I could never have come up with the idea of a neoclassical treehouse without them.”

The Adam Speaks 'Treehouse'
The Adam Speaks Treehouse
The Adam Speaks 'Treehouse'