Gillan Sutton Volunteer Profile

Volunteer, Croome

Gillian Sutton - Volunteer

What inspired me to want to start volunteering at Croome?

Gillian Sutton

I had just retired and I wanted to something other than a charity shop where I could continue to learn and also share what I already knew. Croome opening happened at the perfect time. I made the right choice.

What’s the best part of volunteering at Croome.     

Contact with the public is important  to me. Also approachability of the volunteers is essential. Even if visitors don’t want to talk, a smile very often encourages them to speak to me. Their conversation is often informative and some of them tell me things about Croome that I don’t know so we teach eath other.

What’s keeping me busy at the moment?

I assume you mean at Croome. At the time of receiving this questionnaire the Grayson Perry tapestries were being  displayed. They kept me very busy and it was my pleasure to talk to anyone and everyone about them.

What’s my favourite part of Croome?

This is an impossible question to answer. I just cannot choose anything above anything else.

What’s my favourite story about Croome? 

I am finding it hard to choose but I think it’s the one about the 6th Earl chasing Maria around the table to wipe off her makeup. It makes them so human.

What do I do when I’m not volunteering?

I volunteer in Upton public library. If it were not for volunteers it would close. I cannot allow that. I have worked in the library service since 1959 so it is dear to my heart.

I also sing in Upton church choir and because the organ needed refurbishing the choir has worked very hard over the last two years to raise funds. I have never baked so many cakes in my life.

My garden is also high on my list of things I do. My husband is a Parish and County Councillor so I have a hand in that too.

What advice would I give to anyone thinking about volunteering with the National Trust?
What’s to think about? Do it. I cannot think of anything more enriching and fulfilling. The learning never stops.