Katie Lancaster

Volunteer, Croome

Katie Lancaster - Volunteer

Katie is one of our youngest volunteers at Croome and very much part of the team. She helps out in our Shop and also won our very first ever Lip Sync Challenge this year.

Katie Lancaster

Our volunteer manager had the opportunity to interview her and learnt lots including what HHT means and the cup song.

What inspired me to want to start volunteering with the National Trust?

I really enjoy helping out at places and at school.  I used to come to Croome with my mum in the school holidays to do the children’s trails round the park and used to get excited when I knew we were coming.

What's the best part of Volunteering at Croome?

That’s a tough one, there’s so many.  I volunteer in the shop with Tina normally at weekends but in school holidays too.  I love sorting the deliveries out, stickering, using the HHT (note from interviewer – that’s a hand held terminal), and restocking the ice creams in the Summer. I also have made some new friends with the other volunteers. They're like a family to me!

What’s keeping me busy at the moment?

Getting ready for tomorrows delivery, by dusting and making space.  I’m about to get sorting the sweet stand.

Katie through the scarves
Katie through the scarves
Katie through the scarves

What's my favourite part of Croome?

The house is so big and I used to love watching Downton Abbey, I used to imagine how cool it’d be to live somewhere like Croome.  I also like the new Golden box and all the reflections of the pottery.

What's my favourite story about Croome?

Capability Brown’s design I love as he designed such a great landscape for Croome.  I love all the green spaces and plants at Croome, there are so many different types.

What do I do when I’m not volunteering?

I love singing and particularly the cup song (you tube it!).  Baking is great fun and I like to make Butterfly cakes to bring in for the other volunteers and staff.  I got a NT passport recently from the shop and I’m really looking forward to getting lots of stamps in it when we go out for the day as a family.

What advice would I give anyone thinking about volunteering with the National Trust?

Choose something you’re comfortable with and find out about the place but most of all have fun, lots of it.  There are lots of friendly volunteers to help you get settled, so don’t be scared to join.

Katie in the Ginkgo shop
Katie Lancaster
Katie in the Ginkgo shop