Paul Walby volunteer


Paul Walby - Volunteer

What inspired me to want to start volunteering with the National Trust? Having been a National Trust member for many years, and visiting lots of different places, the pleasant attitude of volunteers when I first visited Croome with friends, and the (still growing) fascination of the ‘Big ‘ouse’ impressed me!

photo of a volunteer talking to visitors

And one of my friends who stated the obvious: you come here so many times you might as well get involved! 

What's the best part of Volunteering at Croome?

Chatting to visitors and other volunteers, the rapport that exists between the staff and volunteers; and being part of the inventive presentations reflecting different aspects of Croome which have been so instrumental in raising Croome’s visitor numbers.

What’s keeping me busy at the moment?

Volunteering whenever, doing whatever... oh, and compiling the weekly Nugget. (I wasn’t very computer literate when I started but thanks to the ever helpful staff here at Croome I’m learning more...)

What's my favourite part of Croome?

All of it! But like many of our ‘team’ that first impression when I emerge from the shrubbery by the church always takes the breath away... The Red Wing is also so intriguing; I wish, as I do in the ‘big ‘ouse’ that the walls could tell us more about who altered the internal fabric of the building, why and when. Croome has given me such a curiosity of ‘old’ buildings that I have to restrain myself from ‘poking around’ when visiting other properties!

What's my favourite story about Croome?

Paws for thought...'Life in the fast lane' by Mollie Blackwell. (Tracey Blackwell’s dog!) But seriously, there are so many stories told so expertly by volunteers and staff it’s difficult to pin one down!

What do I do when I’m not volunteering?

Explore other NT properties; gardening; tinkering with, and using, my classic cars (I also have been an active committee member of my car club since 1980, but now look after our Regalia sales); planning the next holiday... writing to old friends in America and Australia; and always looking for something new to get involved with.

What advice would I give anyone thinking about volunteering with the National Trust?

Make use of your work skills (if you want!) in a different environment, get to know other like-minded people, find new avenues to explore and just go for it!