Adam Speaks

Long Gallery fireplace

This installation has now finished, this article has been left live to show the process of the participatory project.

Croome has worked with an emerging artist to develop and make new work responding to Robert Adam’s vision and designs at Croome.  

A new art project at Croome

After the success of the Plumlines the team at Croome are embarking on an exciting new co-production project, mentored by national artist Hew Locke.

Hew Locke
Hew Locke artist
Hew Locke

Locke is a world renowned artist with artworks owned by the Tate, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum to name a few.  He specialises in a wide range of mediums which include sculpture, painting and photography, often within Locke’s work his ideas resonates with historical references and sites.  

With these components in mind he is an ideal artist to act as a mentor to the new talent artist which we will recruit over the next month.

During the forthcoming months and building on the success of our partnership and new talent work, the project entitled ‘Adam Speaks’ will see the creation of exciting new artwork(s) created by an artist for Croome mentored by Hew.

Adam Speaks received match funding from the Arts Council England. This project is part of Trust New Art, the National Trust’s programme of contemporary arts which is supported by partnerships with Arts Council England and the Arts Council of Wales.

Focusing on finding innovative ways to tell the story of Robert Adam at Croome, we will be working with Kimichi School, The Birmingham Institute of Theatre Arts, Writing West Midlands and St Barnabas First and Middle School.  

Each group will take part in a workshop with the chosen artist.  The findings from this process will lead toward an artist’s brief and development of artwork(s).  

Croome volunteers will be working on each stage of the project: process, research, development and support.

Adam Speaks Brief

Artist Brief - Adam Speaks (PDF / 2.0MB) download

Latest updates

01 Jan 19

Installation removed

This installation has now been removed, the arrticle has been left to show the participatory process.

25 Nov 17

Adam has Spoken

Saturday saw the official opening day of our Adam Speaks exhibit with a packed programme of events.

The creative team behind Adam Speaks

13 Nov 17

Construction starts on the Adam Speaks installation

It may not look like it, but these pieces will be a neo-classical treehouse by Friday.

Construction starts on our Adam Speaks exhibition