Delightful snowdrops at Dyffryn Gardens TEST

Spring is the perfect time to spot snowdrops at delightful Dyffryn Gardens. They are a beautiful flower with a very special history.

A welcome early sign that spring is on its way, snowdrops (Galanthus) are a delight to spot.

Their fresh, elegant flowers nodding above their delicate green stems bring a smile to your face.

Special display

February is snowdrop time here at Dyffryn Gardens and the grounds and gardens are dotted with drifts of beautiful alabaster snowdrops.

As spring advances, you can spot not only snowdrops but also bluebells and daffodils, giving you one of the best displays of spring flowers in South Wales.

Snowdrops can vary in height, flower size, shape and even colouring. They like to grow where the soil is moist and over time, they will naturalise, multiplying into drifts.

This popular spring bulb is widely enjoyed by many as an early, outdoor flower.

Did you know?

• Galanthus, the botanical name for snowdrop, means milk-white flowers?
• The Welsh names for Snowdrops, Lili Wen and Eirlys are also popular Welsh girl's names.
• There is a famous poem in Welsh, an ode to the Snowdrop:

" O Lili wen fach, o ble daethost ti? A'r gwynt mor arw ac mor oer ei gri? Sut y mentraist di allan drwy'r eira I gyd? Nid oes blodyn bach arall i'w weld yn y byd!"
- Welsh folklore poem