In and around South Derbyshire and Leicestershire

Historic houses, arts and crafts cottages and the spectacular southern Peak District make up this varied part of the Midlands.

Places to visit

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golden autumn colour at Kedleston hall

Enjoy autumn in South Derbyshire and Leicestershire 

So many places come into their own at this time of year. Colours which are brighter than ever, gardens with their own seasonal elements and lots of activities in the outdoors and inside to keep you busy and having fun.

Apples in the orchard at Stoneywell, Leicestershire

Autumn harvest in South Derbyshire and Leicestershire 

This is the time when the orchards and kitchen gardens of the places we take care of come into their own with a vast selection of fruit and vegetables available for you to try.

Places to visit

Volunteering with visitor at Stoneywell, Leicestershire

How our volunteers make our places in South Derbyshire and Leicestershire 

In South Derbyshire and Leicestershire our volunteers do everything from telling you the stories of Calke Abbey to winding up the train set at Stoneywell. They've certainly taken the photos you enjoy looking at.

A guided walk across the Calke Estate

What's on in Derbyshire  

There are lots of exciting activities and events happening for you to experience.

Walkers standing with volunteer walk leader

Volunteering in Derbyshire 

Find out what amazing places and amazing people await with all sorts of volunteering opportunities across Derbyshire.


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Situated in the heart of England, the Midlands offers a huge variety of landscapes and places to enjoy and explore.