Ghostly encounters at Newton House

Torchlight tour around the basement of Newton House

There are many spooky stories of ghostly sightings, supernatural experiences and from time to time, the unmistakable aroma of pipe or cigar smoke in the butler’s pantry.

Even some of the most sceptical staff refuse to go to some areas of the house alone where as others see the spirits of the Dinefwr family as old friends.

This season we’re running torchlight tours at Newton House after dark on our History and Hauntings events and Newton House Sleepover event. Book your place today if you dare. Call 01558 824512

The tragic tale of Lady Elinor Cavendish

Set in the middle of our 18th-century designed landscape is Newton House which, it is rumoured, is haunted at night by Lady Elinor Cavendish.

Lady Elinor was betrothed to a man she didn’t love and to escape him she sought refuge with her family at Dinefwr. She was followed by her enraged suitor who strangled her to death on the North Drive as she took a stroll in front of Newton House.

It’s said that the murder was witnessed by a footman who was watching from the first floor window. Unfortunately he too suffered a grizzly end as the suiter found him and hung him off the grand staircase in Newton House, thus making it seem as though he’d committed suicide after murdering Lady Elinor.

Some visitors say that they experience a choking sensation as they walk up the stairs to the first floor and believe there is a presence still haunting the house.

Have you got a spooky story about Newton House? We’d love to hear it!