Ghostly encounters at Newton House

Torchlight tour around the basement of Newton House

Did you just hear footsteps behind you? See something out of the corner of your eye? Have shivers run down your spine? If you visit Newton House this autumn, don’t be surprised if these things happen to you.

Newton House is reputedly the most haunted National Trust house in Wales, the fourth in the whole of the UK. Why is this I hear you cry?! Let me explain…

The tragic tale of Lady Elinor

The most deadly story to come from Newton House involves a young lady named Eleanor Cavendish.

A supposed regular visitor to the house, Lady Eleanor met her untimely end in the children’s nursery.

Pursued to Newton House by a gentleman after her hand in marriage, she retreated to the hoped security of the top floor nursery, only to be followed by the gentleman and an argument ensue. The argument ended with Lady Eleanor strangled to death, some say using her own hair ribbon. The murderer is said to have been overcome with guilt and killed himself to be with Lady Eleanor.

Many visitors get a funny feeling when they enter the nursery; a cold sensation through their body, a tingling down their spine. Some even feel hands gripping their necks as if the murderer is ready to strike again. The nursery is not open to the public, it's said because there is no furniture in the room, but some of our House Volunteers suspect there may be another reason.

So look out on your journey around Newton House, you never know what you might see. Perhaps, like others, you'll spot the shadowy figure of Lady Elinor or the children that are said to haunt the corridors. Others say that a silhouette hangs from the top of the main staircase, the identity unknown.

Maybe you'll sniff out the ghost of Walter, the 7th Baron Dynevor who apparently smokes his pipe on a Sunday. Stand next to his portrait, you can smell the tobacco - but only on a Sunday.

Have fun…

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