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As police officers, Stuart and Rebecca know that finding quality family time with their two young boys can be hard. Working shifts or at weekends means that any time together is precious. At Dunham Massey in Cheshire, their favourite local place, they can escape hectic working lives to play with their sons and create treasured family memories.

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Percy the Park Keeper - One Springy Day

Sun 26 May 2019
Join Percy the Park Keeper and his woodland friends on the first of four seasonal activity trails across the year. Based on the new book 'One Springy Day' by Nick Butterworth.

Gardeners' Notebook - Spring Edition

Sun 26 May 2019
As the winter garden comes to life with carpets of snowdrops, iris and daffodils, pick up a special colour edition of our Gardeners' Notebook to find out more about the planting and maintenance of the garden.

Faces of Change: Nature's Champions

Sun 26 May 2019
From David Attenborough and Beatrix Potter to Vivienne Westwood and Joe Strummer, see portraits from the National Portrait Gallery's collection of people who've shaped the way we think or feel about green spaces and nature today.

May half-term

Mon 27 May 2019
Get close to nature this half-term with a wide variety of bee related activities. Become a nature detectives and discover the secret life of bees. Discover how hard a bee has to work in the special Beespoon installation in the second week.

Park Walk

Mon 27 May 2019
Join our Park Guides on a gentle walk around the park to discover Dunham's seasonal highlights.

Garden Tour

Tue 28 May 2019
Enjoy a guided tour of the garden to discover the sights, sounds and smells of the season.
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