50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 at Dunham Massey

There are lots of 50 things activities to experience outdoors at Dunham Massey this summer- take part in our family events and continue your 50 things adventure together in the park and garden. Pick up your free 50 things wild adventure scrapbook when you visit and use the 50 things app to tick off your adventures as you go. Here are some ideas to get you started…

A boy playing in the Log Pile at Dunham Massey

4. Build a den and 22. Explore inside a tree

Branches, twigs and leaves make surprisingly cosy dens! Make a den in the North Park or Deer Park. Did you know some trees have hollows so big you can climb right inside! Find a tree you can explore inside near the Visitor Centre.

A girl and boy wearing wellies in front of the house at Dunham Massey

6. Run around in the rain and 24. Go on a walk barefoot

Make the most of a downpour and get ready for some serious splashing! You’ll never want to put your shoes back on when you feel the tickly grass beneath your toes- head to the garden and kick off your shoes on the lawn.

Children using magnifying glasses to look at insects in a park

30. Hold a scary beast and 31. Hunt for bugs

Lots of creepy crawlies call Dunham Massey’s park and garden home! Which exciting mini beast will you be brave enough to hold?

A girl looking through with binoculars

34. Track wild animals and 44. Go bird watching

Animals are easy to find if you follow their footprints, feathers, fur and poo…Track a squirrel, rabbit or even a deer at Dunham Massey. How many brilliant birds can you spot at Dunham? Did you know that lots of owls live in Dunham’s deer park?