A Taste of Autumn at Dunham Massey

Celebrate the autumn season and all its colours, tastes, smells and sounds with a calendar of walks, tours and workshops as we highlight the things that are special about Dunham at this time of year.

Spot the deer during their annual rut and discover the stories in the house before it closes for conservation over the winter months. Enjoy crisp walks surrounded by bright autumn colours and retreat indoors for cosy meals and sweet treats. Return for exciting events throughout the season from guided walks and tours, to art workshops inspired by nature's Lost Words.

Deer rut at Dunham Massey, Cheshire

Battle for supremacy…

Autumn sees Dunham Massey’s herd of fallow deer compete for supremacy during their annual rut which reaches its height in October. See if you can spot the bucks use their impressive antlers to battle for their pick of the does. Fighting can be merciless when two dominant bucks refuse to back down!

Couple on a bench in the garden in Dunham Massey looking at a map

Autumn in the garden

Surround yourself with autumn shades as brightly coloured foliage floods the garden. See the acers as they start turning colour and spot autumnal bulbs such as the cyclamen as they begin to bloom. Autumn also sees the popular katsura tree fill the garden with its candy floss aroma as its bright yellow leaves begin to drop.

Experience the sights and smells of the kitchen at Dunham Massey, Cheshire

Running the Country House 

Do you have an ancestor who worked as a servant in the past? Step back in time to experience the sights and smells from the country house kitchen, or head over to the exhibition space to see what local people are doing to care for nature this autumn.

Stargazing at Dunham Massey, Cheshire

A Tate of Autumn: Guided Walks 

Join us for free guided walks around the park exploring photography techniques to best capture the colours and sights of autumn, engage all of your senses in a weekday garden tour, or join a park guide on a monthly Special Guided Walk to learn the secrets of Dunham. See our 'What's On' page for full details.