Autumn days at Dunham Massey

Celebrate the autumn season and all its colours, smells, sounds and tastes at Dunham Massey. Wrap up warm to enjoy a crisp autumn walk in the colourful gardens, listen to the rustle of fallen leaves and clashing of antlers as the deer battle for supremacy in the park, and stay warm with a luxury pumpkin spice latte to go.

Two stags battling with their antlers in the park at Dunham Massey

Battle for supremacy...

Experience one of nature’s most spectacular moments as the fallow deer battle for supremacy during their October rut. Watch and listen to deep bellowing and the clash of antlers as the bucks go head to head for the pick of the does. Fighting can be merciless when two bucks refuse to back down, so make sure to watch from a safe distance and keep your dog on a short lead.

Something for all the family

A family in the garden at Dunham Massey


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Autumn deer at Dunham Massey, Cheshire


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