Deer Diary

Dunham Massey's herd of fallow deer in the park on a snowy day

Whilst winter brings picturesque frosty mornings at Dunham Massey and the chance to wrap up warm for bracing walks in the park and garden, the herd of fallow deer must adapt to survive the colder weather.

At Dunham, winter feeding begins as temperatures drop and the grass stops growing. A good crop of acorns in a mast year (when an abundance of fruit is produced) will reduce the herd’s dependency on the rolled barley and carrots that we provide. As winter arrives, Dunham’s team of rangers monitor the conditions in the park and begin to provide additional food to sustain the deer.

The herd are often on the move throughout the winter months as they roam the park in search of their next meal. As grass cover reduces during this season, the deer may begin to nibble on woodland material instead.

Just as we wrap up warm to face the winter chill, so too do the deer as they display their thicker winter coats in all their glory. A special sight for lucky visitors is spotting this year’s fawns as they explore the park with their herd.