Easter for Adults

Dunham Reception Garden 17

There are lots of areas of the wider estate, the garden or the house where you can relax and escape the Easter crowds.

In the house

Open from 11am-5pm, meet the rebellious 7th Earl and his new wife, London celebrity Catharine Cox, who changed the course of Dunham’s history forever as part of our Dunham’s Lost Years: A Tale of Love & Abandonment. 

George Harry and Catharine Cox
Portraits of 7th Earl George Harry and his wife Catharine Cox

This year marks a special anniversary, the centenary of Roger Grey, our 10th and Last Earl’s Coming of Age. Learn about Roger Grey through personal items from our collection and trace his path in his study listening to stories from people who knew him. 

The 10th Earl spending time at the beach
Dunham House Roger Treasures 2017

Learn about the paintings and their untold stories on our Torchlight, Treasures and Truths tours, 11.30am, 1pm and 2.15pm. Collect a token from reception on the day.

In the Stables

Explore the North Stables as a motor house and garage, and see Lord Stamford’s 1935 Morris Ten Four on display along with accounts about his chauffeur, Piers Davenport.

Experience the sights and sounds of the historic stables
Projections of horses on the wall in the 18th century stables at Dunham Massey
Lord Stamford’s 1935 Morris Ten Four
Dunham Motorhouse 17

In the South Stables, shadowy projections and sound effects evoke the sights and sounds of the stables and the animals they housed.

In the garden

The gardens will be full of colour and are definitely worth seeing. This is where our Easter trail will take place, and over Easter weekend, 14-17 April, it’ll be at its busiest, but there are areas that will be a quieter place to explore.

Here our top spots that may be quieter:

Canal border – take in all the colours planted along these borders. It’s also the perfect spot to see the wildlife that live in the water.

Moss garden – the shadows cast by the beech trees make this place a very peaceful area to walk through.

Enjoy the summer scents of the rose garden at Dunham Massey
The rose garden at Dunham Massey
A peaceful place to stop for a rest
Dunham Garden Bench 2017

Rose garden – at its best in summer, the rose garden is planted with over a thousand roses, but a visit in spring is still worth it as you see the lovely colours starting to appear.

The Mount – just past the Parterre, this was specially planted to be a shady, tranquil spot to sit and enjoy the view across the moat - the perfect place to escape the Easter crowds.

Relax in the garden
Dunham Garden Visitors on Bench 17

Saloon Border  - against the house, the border contains a range of hot coloured herbaceous perennials, different coloured tulips, and late flowering shrubs including hydrangeas and Aralia.

Let a garden guide you around the best parts of the garden, away from the crowds, weekdays at 11.30am, 1.15pm & 2.15pm.

Around the estate

Did you know that Dunham is part of a much wider 3000 acre estate? There are plenty of areas off the beaten track for a quiet stroll.

Head up 3 of our marked paths, or two grassy paths to see the awakening of the wildlife in the parkland. Listen out for the birds overhead, see the swans, Anthony and Octavia, in the ponds around the park and spot the fallow deer as they move out from the trees. Look out for our two ginger fawns that stand out from the crowd!

Our ginger fawns stand out from the crowd
Dunham Park Ginger Deer

Join the daily 1.30pm walk and let the park guides take you to areas often unexplored by many of our visitors.

Our deer park is open until 8pm for a quiet evening stroll.

Dawn setting behind the house
Dunham Park Dawn 17