'Percy at 30' at Dunham Massey

Percy the Park Keeper on Wall

Join us in celebrating Percy the Park Keepers 30th anniversary at Dunham Massey this year. Throughout 2019 join Percy and his woodland friends in a series of interactive trails and events based on Nick Butterworth’s classic character.

From Wednesday 12 June – Wednesday 4 September Percy the Park Keeper is planning a Treasure Hunt. All his animal friends are to follow a trail of clues around the park and the first one to reach the end will find the treasure. The animals are so excited they can’t wait for the hunt to begin.

Percy the Park Keeper on Wall

Follow the interactive trail around the garden to find nature’s treasure. Search Dunham Massey for sapphire blues, ruby reds, amethyst purples, citrine yellow and emerald greens. Don't forget to get your trail map stamped at each point!

Continue your adventure in the park and explore the landscape that Percy and the rangers help to look after. Head to Island Pond to see some of the wonderful wildlife that call Dunham Massey their home. Maybe you’ll even spot the blazing streak of an electric blue kingfisher as it goes about its day!

Visit the house and help Percy and his friends figure out some puzzling riddles about Nature’s Treasure. They can be found as you go around the house – you may even spy some sparkling treasure too!

Percy the Park Keeper trail, Dunham Massey, Cheshire
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Percy the Park Keeper trail, Dunham Massey, Cheshire
Percy the Park Keeper, The Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt

Take part in Percy the Park Keeper's treasure hunt and join his excited animal friends as you explore the garden and the deer park to discover nature's treasure.

Percy the Park Keeper books Dunham Massey

Join Percy on more adventures

Discover more of Percy the Park Keepers past adventures, with a selection of Nick Butterworth's classic children's books now available to buy in the shop. Find out what Percy and his woodland friends have been getting up to before making Dunham their home.