Shopping at Dunham Massey

Discover a treasure trove of local produce, artisan homeware and a range plants grown here at Dunham. Here are just some of the special suppliers and exciting products that fill the shelves in the shop.

Bulbs on display in the shop at Dunham Massey

Perfect plants 

Take a special piece of Dunham home with a wide range of plants to choose from in the plant sales area. Treat yourself to plants that are grown here at Dunham Massey and feature in the garden.

Chutneys on display in the shop at Dunham Massey

Cheshire Chutney Co

Cheshire Chutney Co was born in 2011, after requests from customers at Nick and Jill’s café for the delicious drizzles and chutneys used on their menu. Handmade, traditional, and always looking for tasty flavour combinations, the Cheshire Chutney Co use delicious ingredients to hand make their chutneys and drizzles every day. They’ve created a few special pieces just for us including Lady Mary Booth’s Cherry Marmalette, based on a recipe in a book found in the house.

Dunham Massey apple juice in a picnic hamper

Dunham Massey Apple Juice

Located on Dunham Massey’s estate is an orchard that Alan Hewitt has lovingly grown and looked after for many years. The result is delicious apple juice and ciders that are bursting with flavour and character. The apple juice he creates is 100% organic and it shows! Dunham Massey Apple Juice has won many awards including the Fine Farm Produce Award 2013 and 2014 and continues to help the land by importing bumblebees. Since 2008 Alan has planted 1,000 maiden trees for his orchard.

A couple camping

National Trust Hunter Boots 

In association with Hunter Field, we've designed a collection of Hunter boots with the iconic oakleaf print, to celebrate our shared commitment to the outdoors. Your purchase will help the National Trust to conserve special places for ever, for everyone.