Summer at Dunham Massey

Make the most of the summer months at Dunham Massey. Join in with fun family activities, enjoy the sights and scents of the summery garden, spot the deer as they sunbathe near the house and treat yourself at the ice cream parlour.

Family fun:

Dunham Behind the scenes carnival 4

In the garden... 

The Lost Carnival is in peril, and needs your energy to keep it alive. From 31 July to 30 August, go on an adventure with your family and friends this summer, as two of the greatest carnival families, the Birds and the Ingenues, rehearse in the garden. Enjoy a trail of beautiful installations filled with circus and theatrical challenges to help keep the Lost Carnival alive. Meet performers and help them keep hula hoops twirling, prepare costumes and practice songs. This event takes place 10.30am-4.30pm in the garden. Normal admission applies for the garden (NT members free). Don’t forget to collect your tickets at the visitor centre before heading to the garden.

Step back in time to discover what life was like for Dunham's servants

In the house...

As you walk around the house, can you spot the shadow puppets of the people who lived here? Pick up your trail from the house entrance. Could you be our next Butler or Housemaid? If you head to the servants areas, you might spot some real life Dunham servants that need your help with their chores. Saturday-Wednesday, 11am-5pm (last entry at 4pm).

Children enjoying an activity in the garden at Dunham Massey

Park Adventures... 

If you’re more of an outdoor explorer, grab a ’50 things’ booklet and start your adventure in the park and garden. Can you spot any of the fallow deer that live at Dunham? You’ll see them around the park sunbathing but don’t get too close! Whatever you decide to do, be sure to reward yourself with an ice cream!

Curious Minds:

A couple enjoy the sunshine in the garden at Dunham Massey

A summery stroll... 

The garden provides the perfect backdrop for making the most of the long summer days- relax amongst lush greenery and bright colours and enjoy the scents of the Rose Garden in the sunshine. Summer highlights in the garden include colourful canal and saloon borders or take a stroll through the parterre and gaze over the moat and all its wildlife. Head to the plant sales area if you’re feeling inspired by our garden.

Distorted painting fill the Great Hall at Dunham Massey

If it starts to rain... 

The house provides the perfect shelter from the summery rain. Explore love, courtship and marriage as seen through the eyes of Victorian society. Discover the scandal caused when the 7th Earl married Catharine Cocks, a skilled circus performer, marking the beginning of a turbulent period in Dunham’s history. Did they make the right choice? Find out in the return and refresh of Dunham’s Lost Years: A Tale of Love & Abandonment, Saturday-Wednesday, 11am-5pm (last entry at 4pm).

Adults participating in a guided walk

Walk in the park... 

Take in the sights of summer around the park on a guided walk with our expert Park Guides. Join us on the first Saturday of the month for a special guided walk, or join the daily 1.30pm walk and find out things often overlooked on a stroll through the park.