The Lost Words at Dunham Massey

Searching for The Lost Words at Dunham Massey, Cheshire

From Saturday 7 September – Friday 3 April, rediscover the nature's disappearing words with a family trail and hands-on workshops, inspired by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris's spellbook, The Lost Words.

The book features words from the natural world that have disappeared from the Oxford Junior Dictionary as children spend less time outdoors. Words like 'broadband' and 'chatroom' have replaced others describing the natural world, like 'bramble' and 'conker'.

Join us for a trail, outdoor theatre performance and a series of workshops, for both adults and families, to bring these Lost Words back into the modern world.

Find the Lost Words: Family Trail

Journey through the park at Dunham Massey to seek, find and speak disappearing words brought to life through imaginative installations. Bring family and friends to search high and low in trees, ponds and shrubs to find some of nature's lost words. Can you spot a nest in the trees or the heron in Smithy Pond?

Pick up a trail booklet from Visitor Reception for £2.50 to help guide your visit.

Free art workshops

The Lost Words could be found at Lyme earlier in the year, and will be heading to Quarry Bank in spring 2020.