Treat yourself in the shop at Dunham Massey

Discover a great selection of local produce, an artisan homeware range and our large plants sales area. Here are just some of the special suppliers whose exciting products you’ll find at Dunham Massey’s shop.

Silver jewellery displayed on colourful fabric

Helen Leigh Dolan Jewellery

Helen specialises in creating handmade, modern and minimalist jewellery. Each piece is created by hand using silver, copper and aluminium. Since no two pieces are ever the same, her jewellery offers the chance to wear something completely unique.

A selection of beer made by Dunham Massey Brewing Company

Dunham Massey Brewery

Dunham Massey Brewing Company is a small family run craft brewery located here on the Dunham Massey estate. Their special beers are as traditional as you can get. Their philosophy is to use the best English malts and hops, with no added sugars, to brew a range of quality North Western beers.

Display of products by Cheshire Chutney Co.

Cheshire Chutney Co.

Based locally in Cheshire, the Cheshire Chutney Company use traditional techniques, old family recipes and the best quality ingredients to create delicious chutneys and drizzles. They work closely with us here at Dunham Massey to produce exclusive products with a link to our history, including The Earl’s Chutney and Lady Mary Booth’s Cherry Marmalette.

A wooden garden scultpure in the shape of an owl

Lucinda Brito

Local to Dunham Massey, Lucinda uses chainsaws to create unique pieces of art. She carves quirky wild animals and mushrooms from wood that is sourced locally and has fallen naturally. All of her carvings are suited to the outdoors as they are living, breathing pieces of wood and provide beautiful decoration for your garden or patio.

Small wooden scultputes by Tom Thumb Designs

Tom Thumb Designs

Created by Richard Cantrell, Tom Thumb Designs use naturally sourced wood to create delightful and whimsical figures and small decorative items. Richard sources his wood from National Trust properties around the country and seasons them for several years before making the final product – some of the yew comes from Dunham Massey. Each piece is unique and contains the interesting textures and colours of the tree it came from.