Dunham Massey: A Woman's Place?


Follow us as we get ready for the opening of 'Dunham Massey: A Woman's Place?' in March 2018.

We'll be looking at the stories of three women who helped shape the future of Dunham Massey:

Penelope, Lady Stamford: she gave over her home to the Red Cross to use as a military hospital during the First World War.

Lady Mary Booth: heiress to Dunham Massey, she had full control of the house and estate after the death of her father.

Mrs Collins: Dunham's housekeeper for 28 years from 1908-1936. She was a VAD at the Stamford Hospital. Despite being at Dunham for so long, we only have 2 surviving pictures of her.

When the house opens in March, you will be able to drop in for a changing programme of events, talks, short films and behind the scenes tours that reveal more about women and power then and now

Latest posts

15 Jan 18

Moving the Harris view...

We’ve been moving lots of our collection to help tell the stories of our women. This week, we moved one of the Harris views from the Great Hall to be part of the full female picture hang in the Great Gallery, and to help us tell the story of Mary Booth.

How many people does it take to move a painting?

09 Jan 18

Preparing the ward...

To tell the story of Penelope, Lady Stamford, we’re transforming the former costume store into one of the smaller wards that was in this room during the time the house was The Stamford Military Hospital. We’ve been getting the room ready for its transformation, moving the costume out and moving the beds in!

Transforming the costume store...

20 Dec 17

Moving the fragile Chenille carpet...

We had to move our carpet from the Saloon ready for the new exhibition this year. It’s a fragile Chenille carpet which is why we needed so many people to help, and be extra careful when rolling it.

Moving our fragile Chenile carpet...