Adapting to the changing needs of society in the Lake District

Family canoeing on Windermere

As time goes on, we think that the Lake District will become more important to people, both locally and nationally. This is for a wide range of reasons - from food, health, flood prevention, and more. We think it’s right to understand, adapt to, and deliver for those needs.

What does this look like?

At the moment most landscapes in the Lake District are structured primarily around farming for livestock. A whole range of other benefits can spring from this, but they play second fiddle to that primary purpose. In the future, we’ll aim for landscapes that are shaped more explicitly around the full range of benefits for society; from managing floods and providing clean water, to generating clean energy, to tourism, health, and fostering a sense of community and identity. As well as producing high quality, local food – of course, we wouldn't want this to stop.

Inside the hydro energy turbine shed at Stickle Ghyll
Inside the hydro energy turbine shed at Stickle Ghyll