Clearing the debris in Keswick

Helping with the clean-up

Our forestry team have swung into action to help clear tons of debris left by floodwaters on Keswick sports field.

Head Forester Martin Thwaites and forester Anthony Pepper are both involved with Keswick Football   Club and spent last weekend moving equipment and machinery from the club as the floodwaters rose.

" When we saw what the flood had left behind and the massive task ahead of trying to clear all the debris, I thought of our forestry tractor parked up in the works’ yard."
- Martin Thwaites, Head Forester

Anthony brought it down to the field and began work on getting rid of fallen trees, tree stumps and even wreckage from caravans off the sports field.

Due to its dexterity, the hydraulic arm had a much greater impact on the speed of  clearing up than a larger machine – such as a digger – would have done. It's also much safer to use and has saved many days of manual clear up work.

We've also been approached by Cumbria County Council who asked for help in opening up the riverside footpath, so that it could be used by pupils going to Keswick school. The path is the only route to the school as the main bridge in Keswick is shut. As the foopath is lined with trees, these had acted like a net, trapping all the debris coming down river, and was in a terrible mess. Keswick Football Club has told us our help was invaluable - we’re only too  pleased to have been able to offer practical assistance in such a grim situation.