Cycling on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight has been named by the Lonely Planet Travel Guide as one of the top 10 destinations in the world for cycling.

They say the Isle of Wight is a ‘cycling paradise’ and has ‘lush velvet hills rolling into the sea, narrow lanes through tidy hedgerows, deep and mysterious gullies and the IW’s most striking feature, the ridge of white chalk cliffs stretching across its breadth’.

The island renowned among cyclists

We love the outdoors, and know that one of the best ways to explore it is by bike. It is the combination of quiet roads and pretty villages with challenging hills and off-road routes in glorious scenery that makes cycling on the island so special.
We own more than a tenth of the island, including 17 miles of unspoilt coastline and many well-known beauty spots.

Responsible cycling

We ask that cyclists behave responsibly, particularly with respect to other countryside users and livestock.
Also, look after the environment by not damaging fragile habitats and small plants, or riding over archaeology such as burial mounds.
Please follow the good cycling practice guidelines and the Country Code.

Where to go?

The Isle of Wight is criss-crossed by a network of roads and byways, many largely traffic-free. It's ideal for meandering between villages and visiting our historic properties (Bembridge Windmill, Mottistone Manor Garden, Newtown Old Town Hall and the Needles Old and New Batteries ).
All these places are easily accessible by bike, and close to or on the 62-mile Round the Island cycle route.
We intend to provide interesting cycle routes to some of our places from the ferry ports in the near future.

Round the Island road route

The Round the Island road route is marked by blue and white signs and is a good day’s outing for keen cyclists.
This is Sustrans regional route 67, and takes in three of our historic places open to the public. It passes through or by 6 miles of our beautiful countryside.
For the more adventurous, there are plenty of super off-road opportunities along marked bridleways and byways open to all traffic.
The Good Mountain Biking Guide describes the Tennyson Trail, four miles of which crosses our land, as ‘probably the best chalk trail in the UK’.
Every September the island hosts a week-long cycling festival, which features over 100 guided cycle rides and activities, many over our land and some led by us.
Find out more about cycling on the Island here.