December 2017: All at sea

Gondola in the snow

Shiver me timbers, is this blog becoming a little too clichéd?

I’ve just had a shot across the bows from the Skipper. I was at panic stations because I couldn’t fathom out what to write about this month.

I asked the Skipper to give me some slack and go with the flow, but he told me I was sailing too close to the wind and to shake a leg, show my true colours and go the whole nine yards with it.

He had me over a barrel. I was between the devil and the deep blue sea. Although tempted to batten down the hatches, I decided to get all hands on deck, bite the bullet and walk the plank. 

I wouldn’t say I’m full to the gunwales with ideas, but it’s time I set sail and got underway. 
It’s not all plain sailing being a blogger, the pressure to meet deadlines can be an albatross around your neck, but I’m aiming to push the boat out and go hell for leather to get this article shipshape and Bristol fashion, come hell or high water.

Now that I’m back on an even keel, I hope the Skipper thinks this post fits the bill and that I’m not scraping the barrel or plumbing the depths. I don’t want to rock the boat, miss the mark and end up dead in the water.

My good intentions may have gone by the board, but it’s time to pipe down and cut and run. I’ve managed to stem the tide and deliver my blog post. 

I do hope you like the cut of my jib.

" Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"
- From everyone at Gondola HQ