How to make wildflower seed balls

Finished wildflower seed ball

Let the kids get creative with nature and make wildflower seed balls to scatter in the garden. Packed with seeds and ready to plant, this crafty activity is an easy way to add a splash of colour to the garden, and is perfect for little green fingers.

The materials for making wildflower seed balls on a work bench

What you will need...

• Flour

• Soil

• Mixing bowl

• Water

• Native British wildflower seeds


Step 1

Mix 10 parts soil to 1 part flour.

Step 2

Slowly add water and mix slowly until the mixture becomes sticky like dough. 

Step 3

Roll into a golf-ball size ball.

Step 4

Fill a tray with wildflower seeds.

Step 5

Roll your mud balls around until covered in seeds. 

Step 6

Leave to dry for a day or two and then they're ready to throw in your garden.

Spring fun children playing in meadow

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