Information for local suppliers in Wales

A drawing of South Wales

We are looking for new and exciting local products to consider for sale in our shops that represent the fabric of Wales and the creativity of the nation.

We are looking for unique locally produced items, including everything from food to locally crafted goods, that are not widely available to purchase elsewhere.

As an organisation we recognise the importance to our visitors of having the choice to buy unique products that are crafted locally to our shops. Our retail product also supports and enhances the property experience so we are looking for new and exciting local product that can be tailored to support property programming calendar with exclusive National Trust designs.

As a conservation charity it is equally important that these new and creative suppliers meet our ethos and aspirations through our brand and sustainable sourcing standards. Here is our list of sourcing standards. Please ensure that you have read these and completed your form as necessary to ensure we can cover off the standards required. A further accreditation process is required for all food and drink suppliers.

We are holding a series of local buying meetings where suppliers, who meet our criteria, will be invited to join and showcase their products. At this showcase we are looking for products to stock in spring 2019. The deadline for form submission is 9 October 2018. Successful suppliers will then be contacted to showcase their products at either a North or South Wales based meeting.  

If you have any queries regarding the process please email In the meantime, we look forward to introducing new local Welsh products to our shelves.